Suhar Emissions Updates

As part of our commitment to protect our environment, we constantly monitor the emission rates at our Suhar Refinery. The Suhar Refinery Air Quality Monitoring Data is updated on an hourly basis.

Data Displays

  • The data shows the measurements of two Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Stations in two identified locations, the level of flaring and the concentration of sulfur oxides from the Wet Gas Scrubber.
  • The thermometer-type displays indicate the levels of specific gases emitted into ambient air. The brown bar indicator falls and rises as these levels change.
  • The bulb of the thermometer displays the current numerical value of the emission levels.


The emission limits are calculated on a rolling 24-hour average (8 hour for CO). Readings are taken every hour, and the average for the last 24 hours is calculated and displayed until it is updated the following hour.


  • Red represents the emission limits set by Oman’s Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs (MECA).
  • Yellow indicates that the levels are close to the MECA limits.
  • Green indicates ideal operation limits.
  • Since the MECA has set no limits for flaring, we use the typical flaring level that existed before 2011, when our Environmental Improvement Programme started.

Monitored Gases

  • SO2 (Sulphur Oxides) – (µg/m3) microgrammes per cubic metre
  • NO2 (Nitrogen Oxides) – (µg/m3) microgrammes per cubic metre
  • CO (Carbon Monoxide) – (mg/m3) milligrammes per cubic metre
  • SO2 from the Wet Gas Scrubber (WGS) unit are measured in milligrammes per normal (at 0°C and 1 atmosphere pressure) cubic metre

Flare Monitoring

  • Flaring is the safe burning of excess hydrocarbon gases. It is monitored using a tonnes per hour (T/H) measurement.

Wet Gas Scrubber

  • The Wet Gas Scrubber unit removes SO2 from gases produced in the refining process.

Locations of key monitoring units and wind direction

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