Statement of Commitment Quality

At Orpic, we are committed to satisfying our external customers, internal customers as well as our stakeholders by ensuring quality of our products & services and excellence of our processes related to production, marketing, transportation & distribution of petroleum, petrochemical & polymer products. As a minimum, we commit to comply with all agreed standards and relevant regulations.

In order to achieve this, we engage our competent and committed employees supported by a well-established Quality Management System that includes measurement of performance, continual improvement of our products, services & work processes.

Statement of Commitment Health, Safety & Environment

At Orpic, we are committed to achieve excellence in our HSE performance & fulfill compliance obligations, during all our activities related to production, marketing, transportation & distribution of petroleum, petrochemical and polymer products. As a professional organization, caring for health, safety, environment, our stakeholders and our reputation is an integral part of our business philosophy. We believe, all incidents are preventable by eliminating hazards and reducing risks.

Our business aspirations are:

  • Zero incidents.

  • No harm to people.

  • Minimize the impact of our activities on environment and society.

  • Safeguarding of our assets

  • Integrity of our assets & facilities.

All employees & contractors who are associated with Orpic take ownership of these aspirations and participate in achieving them.

We encourage a proactive HSE culture to prevent injuries, ill-health, and pollution; to protect the environment; ensure adequate emergency preparedness and promote openness with our stakeholders. We shall strive for continual improvement in our overall performance by enhancing our systems, technology, employee skills and by adopting `Guiding Principles of Responsible Care`.