Succession Planning

‘Ensuring a sustainable pipeline of human capital’

Succession Planning is a tool to ensure sustainable operations by ensuring that a ‘pipeline’ of human capital is available, ready and capable to take on more challenging roles. Succession planning is aimed to help prepare high potential employees for the identified critical roles.

Leadership Development

‘Lead, Impact, Drive and Envision’

Orpic’s strategy is to develop effective leaders and ensure business continuity by developing an internal pipeline of talent. Orpic has developed a very comprehensive Leadership Development Framework to enable high potential employees to lead themselves; Team Leaders to lead others; Managers to lead the business; and Function Heads to lead the organisation.

Talent Board

‘Managing talent in the pipeline’

The Talent Boards review, endorse and oversee talent management strategies, systems, processes and decisions. The process includes talent identification, assessment, development, recruitment, succession planning, professional development, promotions, transfer, acting and internal engineer selection.

Performance Management

‘Managing talent in the pipeline’

Performance management is a process which contributes to the effective management of individuals and teams to achieve high level of Orpic performance. Individual performance system (iPMS) ensures that Orpic is moving in a direction set by strategic objectives – as per the business plan – which built in mechanisms to measure, monitor and re‐align our business. All Orpic Performance Process conducted through Talent Management System (TMS)

Educational Development Programme

‘Company-sponsored long-term education programme’

The Educational Development Programme is a company-sponsored long-term education programme that runs from 6 months to 5 years. These programmes are selected to develop potential Omani talents with the objective to strengthen the employee educational base and career path.