Omani Fresh Graduates Recruitment

Orpic provides challenging and rewarding careers for the people of Oman and are committed to Omanisation.

We started a Graduate Recruitment Programme in 2012 – each year taking on board more than 100 new Omani graduates who we provide with on-job training within Orpic, for a period of 18 months.

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Employees are Omani

The course, which is run by Orpic’s internal Training Centre, has been extremely successful, with hundreds of graduates completing the programme and being placed in various roles since the programme’s inception.

In addition, we recognise the need to infuse our company culture with talented and experienced expatriates who offer a breadth of international skills and capabilities. Therefore, we source and recruit the best international talent, capable of passing knowledge and sharing expertise effectively, to our new generation of Omani engineers.

Orpic is always on the lookout for fresh graduates, in particular engineers and technicians, to join the team. All intakes for the Graduate Recruitment Programme are advertised annually, during May.