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At Orpic, we believe in interacting with the community and participating in various activities that touch the needs of the Omani society. Orpic’s community engagements range from visits, meetings and dialogue sessions to events related to sports, heritage and national celebrations with large public participation, highlighting Orpic’s national identity and its positive presence in the society.

Our commitment towards social responsibility is evident in our open-door policy and emphasis on transparency. Orpic has an External Relations Services Office at Al Had in Liwa, where visitors can meet our staff who will assist them with any enquiry and present the latest updates on Orpic’s growth projects, environmental improvement projects, training and job opportunities.

Office Hours:

All working days from 7 AM to 4 PM

Major Corporate Social
Responsibility Projects

Orpic International Scholarship Programme

The programme, aimed at grade 10 students from North Al Batinah Governorate, offers international scholarships for two years in a preparatory school followed by another 3-4 years for Bachelor Degree in one of the leading universities around the world.

Internship Programme

The programme offers trainees the opportunity to gain new skills and experiences in Orpic’s work environment.


Orpic’s joint venture with Suhar Aluminium in Al Batinah International School (ABIS) aims to increase the school’s capacity from 200 to 1000 by 2021/22. Orpic has further implemented the scholarship programme for Omani children from the North Al Batinah.

Falaj Al Qabail Public Park

Orpic opened the park in August 2016 with an investment amount of OMR 900,000 and total area of 37,000 m2. It combines entertainment, sports and educational facilities adding to the green landscape, sports fields and other services.

Children`s Exploration Center

It is the first of its kind edutainment centre in Suhar, and one of the most important facilities within Falaj Public Park, which was funded by Orpic in collaboration with Suhar Municipality, and inaugurated in August 2016. The centre build-up on an area of 650 m2 with total investment of OMR 180,000.

Liwa Cultural Center

An integrated cultural destination funded by Orpic and implemented by Jusoor in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Heritage, at Wilayat of Liwa in North Al Batinah Governorate.

Liwa Public Park

The 66,000 sqm park, built by Orpic in cooperation with Suhar Aluminium, gives an extra green cover to the Wilayat of Liwa.

Investment Buildings of Suhar, Al Salam and Majees clubs

In cooperation with the Ministry of Sports Affairs represented by the Directorate General of Sports Affairs in North Al Batinah, Orpic and Suhar Aluminium supports the ‘investment building’ of Suhar, Majees and Al Salam sports clubs. The total cost of the project is OMR 700,000.

Main Engagement Initiatives

Orpic Award for Educational Excellence

Educational award launched in cooperation with the General Directorate of Education in North Al Batinah which targets more than 106,317 students across all schools in the governorate. It aims to raise the spirit of educational competition between schools in all fields and contribute to strengthening the quality of educational performance.

Orpic Cup

Football initiative launched in cooperation with the General Directorate of Sports Affairs in North Al Batinah targeting the third and fourth place winners of “Promote Your Team” contest for 12 local teams in the governorate. This initiative aims to strengthen the relationship with the local teams, create competitive sporting atmosphere for youth, encourage talents, and provide indirect support to the community through local teams.

Orpic Regatta

Orpic Regatta activities are organised as part of the Oman National Day celebrations. The event offers a range of beach activities for children and families like traditional and modern beach games, children competitions, traditional musical band and maritime exhibition of fishing tools used by Omanis in ancient times.

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Community Engagement

Community School Programme is a series of educational activities and lectures that aim to enrich students and the local community by utilising the experience of Orpic employees and our trainees in different disciplines. The programme includes Road Safety Awareness Campaigns, Defensive Driving Training Course and Firefighting Course.

Volunteer Campaigns

Orpic engages its employees and the community in volunteer campaigns and activities to promote responsibility towards the community. Our campaigns are also designed to raise awareness about the importance of volunteering in areas such as blood donation and environment protection.

Community Engagement

Orpic engages its employees and the community in volunteer campaigns and activities to promote responsibility towards the community. Our campaigns are also designed to raise awareness about the importance of volunteering in areas such as blood donation and environment protection.

Leaders of Tomorrow Initiative

“Leaders of Tomorrow” is an initiative launched by GPCA and supported by its members. The idea started in 2016 when GPCA received 75 students from seven different countries participated in a series of interactive sessions and presentations. The seminar program was designed to include both industry focused and general career advice sessions the content for which was drawn from the most experience participants of large industries leaders. Oman Oil & Orpic group believes on investing in Omani’s talented students, 49 universities & colleges students will have the great opportunity to participate in “Leaders of Tomorrow” on December 2019 aiming to:

  • Build capacity of young Omanis and equip the future industry leaders with the required skills.
  • Educate students about main challenges that faced petrochemical and chemical industries.
  • Provide students with an opportunity to interact with professionals and top-level leaders.
  • Provide students with an opportunity to explore more about petrochemical and chemical companies and their role in industry.
  • Obtain industry knowledge and gain valuable experience that is not attainable in university classes.
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