Statement of Commitment Quality

Orpic’s ‘Quality Policy’ is an expression of our commitment to the satisfaction of our customers by providing them quality products and taking pride in serving them in line with one of our values: We serve Oman & customers with pride. This policy is defined in our Statement of Commitment to Quality.

At Opric we are committed to satisfying our external customers, internal customers and business associates by ensuring quality and excellence in our product and processes. As a minimum, we want to comply with all agreed standards and relevant regulations at any time.

In order to achieve this, we engage our competent and committed employees supported by a well-established Quality Management System that includes measurement of performance, continual improvement of products and work processes.

Statement of Commitment Health, Safety & Environment

Through the ‘HSE Policy’, we express our genuine commitment to Health, Safety & Environment, which form one of our prime values: We put health, safety & environment first. This policy is outlined in our ‘Statement of Commitment to HSE’

Orpic is committed to achieving excellence in HSE performance and compliance to applicable legal requirements, during all our operations and activities. As a professional producer of petroleum and petrochemical products, attention to HSE and caring for our reputation are integral parts of our business philosophy. We believe that all incidents are preventable.

  • Zero accidents

  • No harm to people

  • Minimise the impact of our activities on the environment and society

  • Safeguarding of our assets

  • Integrity of our processes

All individuals within the company are accountable for achieving these HSE goals. We promote a proactive HSE culture to prevent pollution, injuries and ill-health. We shall strive for continual improvement in our HSE performance by enhancing our systems, technology and employee skills.