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  • 08/05/2018 Orpic sets a new benchmark - launches a new generation of high quality thermoforming Luban grade

    Oman Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries Company (Orpic) has launched a new thermoforming grade called Luban HP1151K that will increase both productivity and the overall performance of transparent thermoformed cups, trays and containers. The new PolyPropylene thermoforming grade is based on Milliken`s nucleating innovation Hyperform® HPN-600ei. The new grade (Luban HP1151K) will be launched during 5th Oman Plast Exhibition 2018 at Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre.

    Orpic’s Luban HP1151K combines high clarity and aesthetics with a new level of superior dimensional stability for thermoformed products. Luban HP1151K is based on the latest technology available to offer the food packakging and household storage solutions industries a new benchmark in pure, high quality PP.

    Apart from being able to increase the number of articles that can be produced, the high quality finished products provide good stacking performance. It also offers a broad processing window that opens up distinct product quality and consistency advantages plus the all-important productivity benefits for converters.

    Additionally, the grade delivers optimal environmental and handling-related advantages associated with using lightweight PP compared to other materials.

    Gilles Rochas, General Manager – Polymer, Orpic says, “The product has a good resin base and tests conducted so far have been successful. Luban HP1151K reduces haze in the product and increases clarity and gloss. We are confident that upon introduction of Luban HP1151K, this high quality product will offer Oman and the international packaging customers an opportunity to reduce their cycle times and achieve better results through less wastage whilst offering all-round productivity improvements.”

    Hyperform HPN-600ei also offers good organoleptics with no contamination risk making Luban HP1151K suitable for food applications.

    To learn more about this amazing high quality product and see it first-hand, please visit our stand at OmanPlast 2018.

  • 07/05/2018 Orpic is Principal Sponsor of 5th Oman Plast2018

    Oman Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries Company – Orpic, is pleased to announce its participation and principal sponsorship of the 5th International Plastics, Rubber, Petrochemicals, Printing and Packaging Industry Exhibition – Oman Plast 2018, which is taking place at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre, Muscat.

    The exhibition was inaugurated by H.E. Eng Salim Bin Nasser Bin Said Al-Aufi, Undersecretary, Ministry of Oil & Gas; and is attracting a large number of local and international plastics convertors, machinery manufactures and end-users, thereby providing an excellent trade and business opportunities forum for both exhibitors and visitors.

    “It is Orpic’s vision to become a globally competitive downstream business that Oman is proud of”, averred Ahmed Saleh Al Jahdhami, CEO of Orpic. “As one of the key steps towards achieving this vision, Orpic has established a Polymer Marketing unit in 2017 and is competitively offering differentiated polypropylene and polyethylene solutions to markets across the globe.”

    Speaking on the sidelines of the exhibition, Gilles Rochas, GM – Polymer Marketing, Orpic, stated: “By taking part in Oman Plast 2018, we aim to support the local and international plastics industry in unlocking new business opportunities and further developing the downstream plastic industry in Oman. We are delighted to participate in this event and explore the latest trends in the plastics industry with our customers”.

    Throughout the exhibition, a number of eminent Omani and international speakers from the polyolefin industry will be holding technical sessions, covering key topics such as Plastic Supply & Demand, Developing the Plastic Downstream Industry and Technical Advancement in Processing Technology, at the Orpic booth.

    Oman Plast is the ideal platform for industry experts and visitors to meet and exchange ideas on latest developments in the sector, while being introduced to the latest technology and machinery for plastics processing.

  • 11/04/2018 Al Batinah International School Expansion Inauguration

    Al Batinah International School (ABIS) in the Wilayate of Suhar, North Al Batinah Governorate inaugurated its new facilities yesterday, under the auspices of H.E. Sheikh Mohammed bin Marhoon Al Maamari, State Counselor, Their Excellencies representatives of the State Council, and community leaders.

    ABIS aims to be the beacon of quality education in the region by providing the best learning experience to children in the Al Batinah region. ABIS is only 1 of the 3 International Baccalaureate (IB) authorized schools in Oman and the only one to offer the prestigious IB Diploma in North Al Batinah Governorate.

    During the event, Engineer Said Al Masoudi, SA’s Chief Executive Officer, delivered a welcoming speech in which he said: “With 37 different nationalities, ABIS has become a cultural mixing pot that offers a unique learning opportunity for students and instills a strong sense of social and environmental responsibility and above all, an appreciation for the arts and culture. Today we celebrate ABIS expansion which will allow the school to grow to 550 students. The wealth of knowledge found here - in the classrooms, in the books, in the library, in the world-class science labs, in the wide array of extra-curricular activities and in the mere interactions with each other- is what we believe will challenge and inspire students to become well rounded global citizens and successful lifelong learners.”

    Ahmed Saleh Al Jahdhami, Orpic CEO said "Our joint venture partnership with Sohar Aluminum aims to provide the best quality education to children in Al Batinah region. I am proud of this school and the high standards of education it provides featuring the latest teaching and technological methods. Orpic will continue to support such projects which contribute to build the human capital".

    Nofal Al Saidi, General Manager, Human Resource Services, Orpic, and Chairman of ABIS Board said, “ABIS is an International Baccalaureate school and is fully accredited by one of the most rigorous accreditation agencies in the world, the Council of International Schools (CIS). The school provides a rich learning environment which encourages children to achieve their goals and supports them by being active partners in their educational journey which is in-line with one of our values to serve Oman and customers with pride.”

    Neil Tomalin, Head of School, ABIS, added, “ABIS believes in holistic development of our students in line with the IB Leaner Profile. We seek to develop not only academically able but also ethically and morally sound, technologically capable, caring and internationally minded individuals. Our mission at ABIS is to recognize and motivate students to achieve their potential and empower them to be life-long learners.”

    “ABIS was established by Sohar Aluminium and is now conjointly supported by Orpic. The school offers world class programs to both expatriate and Omani students from K1 to Grade 12, with a campus designed using the latest research to create an environment focused around students and their learning. It includes top quality sports facilities, innovative Learning Communities, purpose build play areas and a farm that links our Omani heritage". Neil Added.

    This joint venture project has paved way for supporting quality education in the region allowing for the expansion of ABIS capacity to 550 students with additional land to expand the school capacity to 1200 students when required. In addition to the International Community Section, a Global Section opened to provide high quality international education that ABIS is known for. The Global Section increased the emphasis on English, Arabic and Islamic studies with the aim of helping children grow into Oman`s leaders of tomorrow.

    Aimed at earlier year grades enrollment, Orpic has initiated a scholarship program back in 2015. The Orpic ABIS Assisted Scholarship Program will allow able and motivated students living in the North Al Batinah Governorate to have access to world class education. It provides a full range of scholarships (from 30% to a maximum of 100%) for the duration of their school life at ABIS. Having already enrolled 35 Orpic ABIS Assisted Scholarships in the past three years, Orpic will expand its scholarship to an additional 12-15 per year, with the 2018 intake underway.

  • 11/04/2018 Orpic Supports New Technical Labs for Sohar University

    Oman Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries Company (Orpic) yesterday commemorated the opening of a new Fluid Catalyst Cracking (FCC) Materials Characterization Laboratory on the campus of Sohar University in Suhar, Oman. The project, which is a collaboration with the University and U.S.-based W. R. Grace & Co., is the latest example of Orpic’s many In-Country Value (ICV) contributions.

    A ribbon cutting event and ceremony was held under the auspices of H.E. Dr. Hilal bin Ali Al Hinai, Secretary General of the Research Council, and in the presence of their Excellencies representatives of the State Council and Al Shura Council; Orpic Chief Executive Officer Ahmed Saleh Al Jahdhami and members of the Orpic management team; Omani government officials, the Board of Directors, Board of Trustees, and the Executive Management of the University along with faculty and students; representatives of W. R. Grace & Co.; and community leaders.

    Ahmed Saleh Al Jahdhami, Orpic CEO commented on the opening of the lab: “At Opric, we feel proud to celebrate the successful completion of this ICV project which I am sure will make remarkable contribution to R&D capabilities of the Sohar University and will present excellent teaching, research facilities to help students and researchers in Oman; apart from contributing to Orpic’s own research and continuous improvement agenda.”

    Tom Petti, Grace’s President, Refining Technologies added, “We are excited by this collaboration, which will serve the interests of all three partners and the community. Grace will improve service and response time to Orpic thanks to the close proximity of the laboratory. The students and faculty of Sohar University gain a significant learning opportunity. And the people of Oman benefit from this investment in the In-Country Value (ICV) program through our ongoing commitment to the region and the industry.”

    Mr. Jamal Al Ojaili, Chancellor of Sohar University said, “Sohar University is working closely with the private sector as key drivers of economic in Oman. We are delighted to work with Orpic and Grace to establish a commercial materials characterization laboratory on campus and this unique initiative will serve as a model of how businesses and universities can work together for mutual benefit to provide new opportunities for companies and provide career development.”

    The modern laboratory will be of significant benefit to Omani students and the initiative delivers state-of-the-art technology and knowledge transfer opportunities for Omani scientists as well.

    Grace’s USD 3.5 million investment in the lab, which began operation in 2017, represents the first opportunity in the three-party collaboration. The facility is equipped with the latest catalysts testing technology, and employs highly skilled Omani scientists. The advanced catalyst testing techniques utilized in the laboratory will result in a high-quality service with rapid response times for many of the technical requirements of Orpic refineries. In addition to its investment, Grace also provides technical support in the training of lab personnel and, as the world’s leading supplier of FCC catalysts, enhances the University’s research and development capability by providing access to world-class expertise in the field of catalysis, as well as bringing skilled jobs to the country.

    In the year 2017, Orpic was awarded “Best Support from Large Company” on the third edition of the Entrepreneurship Awards for its continued support and interest to Omani entrepreneurs.

  • 10/04/2018 Orpic International Scholarship Program welcomes its 5th batch

    Oman Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries - Orpic welcomed the fifth batch of students as part of its International Scholarship Programme. This initiative is part of Orpic’s continued support to develop and nurture the future leaders of Oman and to support the young students in North Al Batinah to reach new heights in their academic and career paths.

    Established in 2013, Orpic International Scholarship Programme entailed selecting students from North Al Batinah Governorate to benefit from the scholarships provided based on preset criteria. Once applications are received, screening of candidates are carried out by Takatuf Scholars Programme and selected students are offered international scholarships for two years in a preparatory school followed by another 4 years for Bachelor Degree in one of the leading universities around the world.

    Nofal Al Saidi, GM, Human Resource Services, Orpic said, “We are proud to welcome the fifth batch to the programme which enhances the vital role of Orpic in building the capacities of young Omanis in collaboration with Takatuf Scholars Programme. Orpic believes in the importance of investing and developing Omani youth to create future leaders for the country.”

    Sheikh Ibrahim Al Harthy, CEO of Takatuf Oman, added "We are proud of this ongoing strategic partnership with Orpic, which has produced this talented Omani youth group from the North Al Batinah governorate who we believe will be an important added asset to the Sultanate. We are proud of what they have achieved and look forward to witness their further success in the future."

    The program works closely with international leaders to follow up on their personal development and achievement through continuous communication with their educational institutions, periodic visits and annual assessment of individual students, as well as providing on job training during their school holidays.

    The 10 Orpic international scholars will have the opportunity to complete their education, gain more useful skills for their academic and practical life and eventually build their career with Orpic upon successful completion of their international programme.

  • 21/03/2018 Orpic inaugurated Muscat Suhar Product Pipeline & Al Jefnain Terminal

    Orpic Logistic Company, a joint venture between Orpic and CLH officially inaugurated yesterday one of its strategic growth projects, the Muscat Suhar Product Pipeline (MSPP) and the main fuel terminal in Al Jefnain, wilayate of Al Seeb under the auspices of H.E. General Sultan bin Mohammed AL Nu’amani , Minister of the Royal Office, and in the presence of a number of Ministers, members of the Board of Directors of Orpic, Their Excellencies representatives of the Al Shura Council, and community leaders.

    Commenting on this occasion, H.E. Sultan bin Salim Al Habsi, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Central Bank of Oman, and Deputy Chairman of Orpic Board of Directors said, “We are proud to witness the inauguration of one of the three important strategic growth projects undertaken by Orpic which is the Muscat Suhar Product Pipeline (MSPP) and Al Jefnain Terminal. The project comes in response to the strategic objectives set by the government for developing oil products logistics solutions in the Sultanate to meet the rapidly growing demand for fuels".

    The USD 336 million investment is an important logistic project across the Sultanate which delivers more than 50% of Oman’s fuel via the state-of-the-art storage facility in Al Jefnain. In addition to meeting the domestic future demand for fuels, this project reduces pollution resulting from lower truck movements in Muscat by 70%.

    Ahmed Saleh Al Jahdhami, CEO, Orpic said “Muscat Suhar Products Pipeline and Al Jefnain Terminal project is the first of its kind being constructed in Oman – utilizing a single pipeline to produce accurate product and bringing a new level of efficiency and lower costs to its business.”

    "The project offers many social, economic and environmental benefits, including improved road safety, efficient fuel supply, and reduced pollution by lower movement of oil tanker trucks. On the In-country value (ICV) front, MSPP has contributed by USD 149 million to Omani local purchases and SMEs, representing 44% out of the total project cost". Al Jahdhami added.

    With around 170,000 m3 of storage capacity, the new terminal increases the nation’s storage capacity for refined products by 70%. This additional capacity enhances the securing of fuel supply to the population.

    Helping take fuel distribution efficiency in the Sultanate to the next level, the MSPP and Al Jefnain terminal project is a joint venture partnership between Orpic and Spanish firm Compa??a Log?stica de Hidrocarburos (CLH). The latter has a formidable reputation in the European energy logistics industry going back 90 years. The CEO of CLH commented on this occasion: "The MSPP project is a significant landmark in the history of our company and we believe it will open the door to new opportunities. CLH is definitely committed to develop the Omani economy and talent and we hope we can do more things together both in Oman and in the region".

    The MSPP and Al Jefnain Terminal features a 290 KM pipeline which is connected by three sections of the pipeline network including a 10” multi-product pipeline of 45 kms length from Mina Al Fahal Refinery to Al Jefnain Terminal. The second pipeline is an 18” multi-product pipeline of 220 kms length from Suhar Refinery to Al Jefnain Terminal. The last one is a 10” dedicated pipeline for jet fuel of 25-km length from Al Jefnain terminal to the new Muscat International Airport. The dedicated airport pipeline comes to support the expansion of the new Muscat International Airport in which jet fuel gets pumped directly from the terminal in Al Jefnain to the airport without requiring tanker trucks which ultimately increase the safety of jet fuel supply to the airport.

    Additionally, the new terminal is equipped with 16 loading bays with capacity to load up to 700 trucks per day with products to be transported across petrol stations. Furthermore, the new terminal is supplied by two multiproduct and bidirectional pipelines connected to Orpic’s Suhar and Muscat Refineries, which are the safest and most efficient transport media for oil products for medium distances.

    It is worth to mention that Muscat Suhar Product Pipeline and Al Jefnain Terminal constituted of state-of-the-art control systems with latest SCADA technology, leak detection, and telecommunications network and was constructed by Gulf Petrochemical Services (GPS).

  • 20/03/2018 Orpic marks significant results in 2017

    Oman Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries Company – Orpic participated at the Annual Media Conference 2018 which was organized by the Ministry of Oil and Gas along with the operating Oil and Gas companies in the Sultanate.

    Ahmed Saleh Al Jahdhami, Orpic CEO addressed the media and talked about Orpic`s key achievements for 2017 in regards to its Strategic Growth Projects, environmental and financial performance as well as the latest updates on people, In-Country Value (ICV) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

    We firmly believe that these three major projects will transform Orpic’s business model and product mix over the next years and will firmly reinforce Orpic as a recognized player in the international petrochemicals marketplace," says Orpic CEO.

    All of Orpic’s strategic growth projects known as Suhar Refinery Improvement Project (SRIP), Muscat Suhar Product Pipeline (MSPP) and Liwa Plastics Industries Complex (LPIC) are progressing as per schedule. SRIP and MSPP have already entered the operational phase in 2017. The combination of the three projects represents a growth strategy that revolves around increased integration within the manufacturing complex, and the production of a broader slate of petrochemical products that will enable Orpic to extract more value from the oil and gas molecules of Oman.

    On its financial Performance, Orpic’s achieved highest EBITDA in 2017, thereby sustaining a positive revenue trend.

    On the people perspective, Orpic firmly believes in empowering its people to maximize their potential and considers people as its biggest asset. As an employer-of-choice, Orpic recruits, trains and retains the best talents in Oman. Up until 2017, Orpic recruited more than 1000 employees and trainees across different functions and departments. On the other hand, Orpic had awarded 40 scholarships as part of its International Scholarship Programme to enable young Omani students to study in leading universities across the world.

    As a responsible company, Orpic’s objective is to support business development, human capability development, and productivity stimulation in Oman’s economy through the retention of maximum in-country value. Orpic fully supports the national ICV program and plans to maximize its ICV contribution within the USD 9.5 billion capital projects. Hence, the total ICV value spent for 2017 including growth projects were USD 330 Million. In addition, 340 local SMEs were awarded contracts during 2017 with a value of USD 21 Million.

  • 18/03/2018 Orpic’s MSPP to be inaugurated on 21st March

    Oman Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries Company – Orpic will officially inaugurate one of its strategic growth projects, the Muscat Suhar Product Pipeline (MSPP) and the main fuel terminal in Al Jefnain on the 21st March, 2018.

    The USD 336 million investment is an important logistic project across the Sultanate which will deliver more than 50% of Oman’s fuel via the state-of-the-art storage facility in Al Jefnain. In addition to meeting the domestic future demand for fuels, this project will reduce pollution resulting from lower truck movements in Muscat by 70%.

    This is the first of its kind to be constructed in Oman – removing the need for Orpic to ship refined products between Suhar and Mina Al Fahal (Muscat), and bringing a new level of efficiency and lower costs to its business. It is worth to mention that the project will also be equipped with loading facilities designed to load up to 700 trucks per day.

  • 18/03/2018 Orpic one of the chief participants of PAKPLAS2018

    Orpic was one of the chief participants of PAKPLAS2018, held from 16th – 18th March 2018, at the Lahore Expo Centre in Pakistan. The exhibition was attended by key people from Orpic`s Polymer Marketing Team.

    The exhibition served as an ideal platform for the Polymer Marketing team to meet customers to highlight their strategy and showcase Orpic’s innovative polyolefin solutions. Speaking at the exhibition, Gilles Rochas, GM, Polymer Marketing, said, “Pakistan is a strategically important market for us. We are here to demonstrate our commitment to win customer preference and to present our existing and future polypropylene and polyethylene solutions to Pakistan and the world; driven by Orpic`s vision to be a globally competitive, downstream business that Oman is proud of."

    The exhibition attracted a large number of local & international exhibitors and visitors, and provided the Polymer team an opportunity to uncover and establish new business opportunities as well as meet potential buyers.

    PAKPLAS2018 is the leading international trade fair dedicated towards plastic machinery, components, raw materials and chemicals. The fair presents products and services, technologies and innovations and future trends and markets for trade. It serves as an international meeting place for worldwide suppliers as well as regional manufacturers.

  • 07/03/2018 Orpic participated at the SQU Career & Training Opportunities Fair

    Oman Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries Company (Orpic) participated at the SQU Career & Training Opportunities Fair from 5 to 7 March 2018. The Fair was under the patronage of H.E. Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Obaid Al Saidi, Minister of Health.

    The fair aims to provide jobs and training opportunities for SQU students and graduates in order to enhance their abilities, develop their skills, and prepare them for the labor market. The fair is considered to be an excellent opportunity for students who are in the stage of choosing their academic specializations to be exposed to the most demanded ones in the Omani labor market and the career paths associated with them.

    Orpic’s stand attracted a large number of students and young job seekers throughout the fair. Human Resources team was available to meet and interact with them regarding the career and training opportunities the company offers, as large number of young Omanis, especially new graduates, who were inquiring about these two points.

    As part of Orpic’s commitment to support the national drive, Orpic will be training and developing young Omanis to take on various roles. The development program will be supported by mentors who will actively seek to nurture and guide these young minds into a bright future.

  • 04/03/2018 Orpic Conducts Local Recruitment Campaign

    Oman Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries Company - Orpic conducted a local recruitment campaign based on its ongoing business expansion as well as its approved manning plan for 2018. Conducted over two days the recruitment drive, held in Muscat, generated tremendous response with around 300 prospective candidates who met the basic requirements interviewed out of around 12,000 entries.

    Orpic is undergoing a major transformation especially with the commissioning of its strategic growth projects; Suhar Refinery Improvement project (SRIP) and Muscat Suhar Product Pipeline (MSPP), whereas Liwa Plastics Industries Complex (LPIC) is scheduled for commissioning by 2020. In view of the same, the recruitment campaign has been undertaken to not just create jobs but to provide a challenging and rewarding career to bright young talented minds.

    Orpic firmly believes in supporting the national In-Country Value programme and hence believes in nurturing and developing Omanis to take on roles in line with the company’s long term strategic growth plan. Over time, Orpic has trained several batches of Omanis to take on positions across different internal disciplines. Over the next few years, Orpic will aim at recruiting several competent national cadre to operate the current and upcoming plants.

    Nofal Al Saidi, GM – Human Resource Services, said, “We are entering an exciting future wherein Orpic will soon transform into an international player in the global petrochemicals marketplace. Now is the time we require highly talented applicants to bolster our existing teams and work with the largest projects. We aim to serve Oman and customers with pride and people are our number one asset. We are always on the lookout for passionate people who will grow with our business.”